burn injuriesBurn injuries are unlike other types of injuries. They are extraordinarily painful, extremely disfiguring, and cause great mental anguish for victims and their families. Recovery from burn injuries is an incredibly long and challenging road, but victims don’t have to walk it alone. At The McMillan Law Firm, we understand the challenges our burn injury clients face and work with them to hold the negligent parties responsible by pursuing fair compensation for victims.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Nearly everyone has suffered some type of burn in their life. Whether it’s touching a hot stove or getting sunburned, the feeling is all too familiar. While most burns are not severe and may not even require emergency medical treatment, more serious burns can change a person’s life. Most people associate serious burns with fire, but there are actually several types of burn injuries.

The three most common types of burn injuries are:

  • Thermal – Thermal burn injuries occur are caused by hot air, surfaces, the sun, or fire. Burn injury lawyers most often see thermal burn injuries that occurred in the workplace. This can include oil and gas refinery explosions or other fires that break out on the jobsite.
  • Electrical – Electrical burns occur when an individual comes in contact with a live current. While the electric shock can also cause internal damage, burns on the skin can be extremely painful.
  • Chemical – Many chemicals can cause a reaction that damages skin. Some of the most common burn-causing chemicals include ammonia, bleach, and chlorine, among others.

Getting Compensation After A Burn Injury

In addition to the physical and mental toll burn injuries take on victims, they come along with a financial component that can become overwhelming. Burn injuries require extensive emergency medical treatment, long hospital stays, and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, even with all of this treatment, some victims will suffer permanent disfigurement and disability.

Texas Burn Injury Lawyers

After a burn injury, you need to focus on your recovery. At The McMillan Law Firm, we protect your rights and pursue compensation so burn injury victims can focus on getting better. If you would like to know your legal options after a burn injury, contact our Texas burn injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

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