Bus CrashNearly everyone has ridden on a bus at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a big yellow school bus or one of Houston’s many METRO buses, bus transportation is incredibly common. Just like large trucks, buses have the potential to cause serious injuries. Not only do buses generate a huge amount of force in a collision, but they are also filled with many passengers, increasing the rate of injury. The potential for serious injuries means all bus drivers need to abide by federal safety regulations and use caution to avoid crashes. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen.

Federal Bus Regulations

All bus drivers must adhere to regulations imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). One of the most important regulations is the requirement that bus drivers hold a special license for the operation of buses and other high occupancy vehicles. Obtaining this license requires drivers to undergo training to understand how to operate a bus safely. Bus drivers are also limited in the number of hours they can work. In an effort to prevent fatigued driving, bus drivers have a limit on how many consecutive hours they are allowed to drive. Bus drivers are also responsible for adhering to maximum passenger limits.

Who Is At Fault After A Bus Crash?

There are a number of different circumstances that can lead to a bus crash, but the root cause of most crashes is negligence, either by the driver or the company that employs the driver. Bus drivers that do not adhere to federal safety guidelines, drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or engage in other dangerous driving behaviors can be held responsible for injuries they cause in a crash. Bus companies can be held responsible for a crash if they negligently hire a bus driver without checking the driver’s record or if they know the driver is violating federal regulations but fail to address this issue.

Houston Bus Crash Lawyers

Bus crashes are devastating. Victims and their families often have many questions and the Houston bus crash lawyers at The McMillan Law Firm are here to answer them. We can explain your legal options and pursue justice on your behalf. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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