Brain InjuriesBrain injuries are some of the most common injuries The McMillan Law firm sees in clients injured by someone else’s negligence. You don’t have to be a medical doctor to understand the brain is vital and any injuries to it can be absolutely devastating. When someone suffers a brain injury because of the recklessness of another, they have many legal options for pursuing justice and compensation.

Brain Injury Symptoms

Brain injuries can be complicated because they can be external or internal. A person could have a brain injury without any visible cuts or abrasions on their skin. This makes brain injuries incredibly dangerous. A quick diagnosis and treatment is key to preventing further damage to the brain. Anyone who experiences head trauma should immediately seek medical attention.

While a medical evaluation and diagnostic tests will be needed to identify a brain injury, some of the most common brain injury symptoms include dizziness, headaches, sensitivity to light, loss of balance, nausea, memory loss, depression, and seizures, among others. Serious brain trauma can also cause a lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in brain cell death and/or swelling in the brain that can cause permanent damage.

Recovering From Brain Injuries

The road to recovery from a brain injury is incredibly long and difficult. Not only will victims need months or years for recovery, but they are often unable to work, care for themselves, or live their lives normally. Some brain injuries will result in permanent impairment while others will have lifelong side effects. All of this can make the economic impact of a brain injury huge. Recovering from a brain injury will be difficult work, so victims need to focus on recovery and not worry about medical bills or seeking justice. A brain injury lawyer can file a lawsuit to protect victims’ rights so they can focus on recovery.

Texas Brain Injury Lawyer

The McMillan Law Firm can help brain injury victims understand their legal options and pursue compensation for their injuries. We understand this is a difficult time in your life, so we work to put you at ease so you can focus on what’s important. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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