distracted and drunk drivingDriving is an activity that requires complete focus. Anything that disrupts this focus puts everyone on the roadway at risk. Distracted driving and drunk driving are two of the most prevalent causes of devastating car wrecks. These wrecks are entirely avoidable, but for reckless drivers simply choosing to put others at risk.

Drunk Driving In Texas

Drunk driving is illegal in Texas and across the country, but this doesn’t stop people from driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol has a powerful and dangerous effect on the body. As an individual’s blood alcohol level increases, they will suffer from slower reaction times, inability to make decisions, visual impairment, and an inability to concentrate, among other impediments. All of these behaviors manifest while driving as the inability to stay in one lane, speeding, slow braking, and slow responses to road hazards and changing road conditions.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drivers that use a cell phone to read or send a text take their eyes off the road for approximately five seconds. This is like driving the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour completely blindfolded. So much can change in these five seconds, to which distracted drivers are unable to respond. Drivers also allow themselves to be distracted by other things, such as eating, changing the radio station, using navigation, talking to a passenger, and personal grooming.

Driving Needs To Be Taken Seriously

Driving while intoxicated or driving distracted is incredibly selfish. These activities not only put the driver at risk, but could also harm or kill other drivers and pedestrians on the roadway. Drivers who recklessly injure others need to be held accountable. Victims of distracted drivers and drunk drivers don’t just have to rely on the criminal justice system to provide justice; they can pursue compensation in a civil lawsuit to cover the cost of medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and lost earning potential.

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