Products LiabilityAll manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe products and warn consumers of any potential dangers. This is true for everything from cars to prescription drugs. When manufactures don’t act responsibly, they can be held responsible through filing a products liability lawsuit. While taking on large companies for producing dangerous products may seem like a daunting task, an experienced products liability attorney can help victims hold these companies responsible.

Types of Products Liability Claims In Texas

There are generally three ways a product can legally be found defective. The first type of defect occurs when there is a defect in the design of a product. If the design is inherently dangerous, it is considered defective. One of the most well-known design defects includes certain SUVs that are vulnerable to rollovers because of their high center of gravity. The second type of products liability claims occur during the manufacturing process. Things like shoddy workmanship, using subpar materials, and not adhering to the original product designs can cause the final product to be defective and potentially cause consumer injuries. The final type of defect occurs when a manufacturer fails to include adequate warnings and instructions with their product. Failure to warn is commonly associated with prescription drugs and medical devices when manufacturers do not warn consumers of the risks associated with their products.

Dangerous Products and Recalls

Numerous government agencies are charged with investigating product safety concerns and recalls. Companies are required to report potential defects and injuries to one or more of these agencies, but they don’t always do so. This means it is left up to consumers to report their own injuries. Because of this, recalls are often not issued until the product has affected a significant number of consumers. Thousands of consumers across the country are injured every by defective products that have not been recalled. Regardless of whether or not a product has been recalled, consumers can hold its manufacturers responsible for causing injuries.

Texas Products Liability Lawyers

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