defective drugsAs consumers, we trust the medications we take will help us get better. Whether a medication is accessible over the counter or only available by prescription, drug manufacturers have a responsibility to make safe medications and warn consumers of all possible side effects. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies put profits before patients and thus often violate our trust. When pharmaceutical companies produce and sell defective drugs, they can be held responsible for their recklessness.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all medications via strict guidelines and a thorough approvals process. Because pharmaceutical companies outnumber FDA officials, it’s easy for manufacturers to violate FDA regulations and not get caught for some time; and, this is in fact what many pharmaceutical companies do. They sell defective drugs to consumers and wait for the FDA to catch wind. When the FDA does issue fines for violations, the financial impact is often not significant enough to encourage companies to abide by the applicable federal regulations.

Why You Need An Experienced Defective Drug Attorney

Every year, defective drugs hurt thousands of Americans. Many victims never come forward because they are rightfully afraid of taking on national and international companies. Pharmaceutical companies have teams of lawyers to defend against all types of claims. This can make it difficult to bring legitimate claims against a negligent company. Victims of defective drugs shouldn’t be intimidated by drug companies. An experienced defective drug attorney can help victims stand up to pharmaceutical companies and hold them accountable for injuring the public.

Types of Compensation

Like other types of personal injury claims, victims of defective drug injuries can seek compensation to cover their related medical expenses including emergency medical treatment, surgeries, and long-term treatment. Victims can also seek punitive damages against a pharmaceutical company, as these damages are meant to punish the negligent company by awarding additional compensation to victims.

Defective Drug Lawyers

At The McMillan Law Firm, we know the tactics big drug companies use to intimidate victims and minimize the value of valid claims. There is no adversary too big for our defective drug lawyers to handle. If a defective drug harmed you, contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.

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